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Terms & Conditions


Live animal shipping is done via Reptiles2You (within the USA) and a third party licensed courier for all International shipments. Shipping within the USA is included in the posted price of each gecko.  Multiple geckos may be shipped in the same box.  We only ship during safe temperatures of 40* - 89*F.  This means, that at any point of the trip (here, transfer hub, and final destination), the overnight low temperature cannot be lower than 40*F. Live animal shipments are only Tuesday and Wednesdays. We do offer summer and winter holds, for no additional cost. It is the BUYERS responsibility to contact an importer within their own country (International) directly, to set up International Shipping.


We will deduct the shipping costs, and meet for local pickup/drop off of your new gecko(s), up to 1 hour drive from the Savannah, Georgia area. We do occasionally vend reptile expos within Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina and will happily arrange local pickups at any expo we attend or vend.


For our Buyers convenience, we accept major credit cards, debit cards and Paypal for online orders at checkout.  We do accept credit cards and cash, in person, at local expo’s.  All transactions MUST be paid in full before delivery, including local pickups.


We offer a 7-day health guarantee!  If your gecko(s) arrive unhealthy, they must be checked out by a certified exotics vet within 7 days of receipt.  If the veterinarian finds your new gecko(s) unhealthy, we will issue a replacement/store credit equal in value OR we will pay 50% of the vet bill.  The vet bill must be emailed to Canvas Geckos directly from the Veterinarian with their phone number to verify.  In order to receive store credit/replacement, the gecko(s) must be returned to Canvas Geckos at the Buyers' expense.

Live guarantee is valid if- 1)Gecko is shipped within the safe temperature window of 40-89*F. 2)BUYER is home and signs directly for the animal on the first delivery attempt 3)Seller recommends a hub hold for pickup, and the animal is picked up within one hour of delivery to hub. We require a photo of each animal within one hour of delivery to be sent to us via email or via facebook messenger.


BUYER must provide a photo and video of perished animal(s) within one hour of delivery/receipt to us.  Animal(s) will be replaced as soon as one of equal value is available, or BUYER may elect for a store credit.  We do not issue cash refunds.


Once a gecko leaves our care, and is in the hands of the Third Party Courier, we have no control of its care.  We will work with the BUYER to the best of our abilities, should their gecko arrive in subpar conditions. We do not issue cash refunds, but do offer store credit equivalent to the value of gecko(s) purchased, valid for one calendar year from initial date of purchase.


Geckos can and may drop their tails, for no apparent reason.  It is a natural defense mechanism, and does not detract from the animal's value.  We do not offer a guarantee that your gecko(s) will not drop their tails, and we will not issue a refund/store credit in the event a gecko drops its tail.


We begin pore sexing our geckos as early as 4 grams, but will not guarantee an animal to be a specific gender unless it is an adult and is at least 25 grams (Crested) or 36 grams (Chahoua & Leachianus).


All photographs are done in natural daylight, with no added filters.  Each animal is represented in its truest form. Coloration and pattern changes as the gecko(s) mature, therefore no guarantee is offered that the gecko will not change colors/pattern.


Buying a live animal is a commitment that we do not take lightly.  We do not issue cash refunds if a Buyer changes their mind on a live animal purchase.  We will however, issue store credit that is valid for one calendar year from original date of purchase. No exceptions!


BUYER must contact us before purchasing an animal to arrange for a payment plan.  We do offer payment plans on purchases exceeding $400, with a non-refundable 25% deposit.  If a payment plan is terminated by the BUYER, we will issue a store credit refund minus the 25% deposit. WE DO NOT ISSUE CASH REFUNDS. All payment plans must be paid in full within 30 days and before the gecko(s) are shipped.  We will not reserve any gecko(s) without either a deposit or paid in full.

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